Monday, August 8, 2016

Bouquet Flower Pattern - Knitting

Free Knit Pattern - Bouquet Flower Stitch

This stitch would have sent shivers if I saw this few years back as this is definitely not for beginner level. However, I have learnt in many years of my knitting is that it is easiest and fun to knit lace pattern once you understand the pattern once. When I do lace patterns, I feel like a kid waiting to see the pattern to evolve after each line :)

Pls Note : For the bouquet pattern, the knit required is just 13 stitches. However, I added 4 stitches for the edge (2 on each side) and 3 stitches to divide the bouquet pattern

Knit Pattern

I cast 33 stitches - Long-tailed cast on

Knit Pattern

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