Monday, November 10, 2008

Knitting - Winter Passion

I used to love knitting for my dolls. My mom is a very good knitter, but now she doesn't knit much due to age and eyesight problem.
Every year during winter, I try my hand at knitting at least few tiny goodies. Whenever I plan to work on a full size project, it stretched to at least couple of winters...:)
This winter of 2008, my passion is back with a bang. I have already done 2 half sweaters for Pratham (will upload the pic soon). Planning to work on one more half sweater for my best fren's son "Yojit" before I shift to Ghaziabad..Lets see..
I have asked Pratham to pose for me with the sweater to upload on my blog. He did pose but after lots of pampering as he wasn't in a mood to get himslf clicked. Anyways, here are the pics..

The entire sweater is made in K1P1 pattern. I liked the finished product. :) .

This sweater is made out from the left over wools from the last season. I almost finish this one in a day. Pratham like this one better than the previous one due to the V neck design. I like the polo neck look of the sweater but he feels irritated of the wool around the neck. So, from now on..I have make only V or a round neck designs..
I am halfway through yojit's sweater..I will be able to upload the pics by monday..

I could finally finish yojit's half sweater..its not come as out as nice as I expected due to time constraint..:)