Saturday, July 18, 2009

Improving Madhubani

Working and learning Madhubani art is quite addictive. I love the loud/ bright colours of this painting with simple childlike designs.
In reality, I am a person who likes only sober colour. Frankly, it gives me shivers whenever I think of donning bright colour clothes. But I am surely in love and immensely attracted to this form of art.
Another secret of my admiration for this art is that, I can draw human figures in any damn way, without caring whether the eyes, lips or nose is correct and proportionate. Actually my human figure diagrams are awful.
So, to improve my learning in this art form, I have added a human figure in this painting.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Madhubani Painting - I guess!

Its been something about 6 years since I first set my eyes on Madhubani Painting. I came across this type of painting in Delhi Haat and I was amaze at the beauty of this kind of painting with such simple designs. I keep planning to buy one big painting for my own collection, but due to its rate I keep postponing till today. Then, I started planning to paint one such huge painting seen in Delhi Haat. Unfortunately I couldn't find out any teachers nearby who teaches madhubani style of painting. So, I kinda kept my idea of painting madhubani at the back of mind. Since about 2 months , the idea of painitng madhubani again kept resurfacing in my mind. I have started searching the web for any tutorial on madhubani painting but couldn't find one.
I have studied some of the images of madhubani found on the web. So, I am trying to put some of my ideas into creating a madhubani painting. I have created couple of them, they are not big size and also I am not sure whether all my designs are pure madhubani or not. But, I am liking it.:)
I am uploading the images before it goes into colour filling.