Saturday, September 12, 2009

Manipuri Doll-Amigurumi way

I am fascinated with anything and everything manipuri...:) because I am an all out meitei who loves to eat ngari, hawaijar,
I may not eat red meat, chicken, poultry products but am a born fishitarian. I love to look at fishes and eat them too. But some of the fishes from discovery channel/ national geographic/ Animal planet looks creepy and I can't imagine myself eating those. So, what I mean is that I love eating white fishes (fresh water ones) and specialy the ones we get in manipur from fisheries.
And I love the manipuri wedding dress and the manipuri dolls. I never failed to pick manipuri dolls on every festival. During festive seasons, I use to go to market with my mom and she would always buy manipuri dolls for me. I still remember how I used to enjoy playing with them for hours and hours.

I have tried long time back in 2003 to make a manipuri doll the typical manipuri way but it turns out horrible.:(
This time, I tried amigurumi way. Initially I started writing down the pattern but latern on I got to lazy to write .so, just keep crocheting and the final product is this

I still have to buy her an enaphi.

Hello Kitty-Amigurumi

10th Sep 2009, A very Happy day indeed.:)
When I got up in the morning and was getting ready to leave for office around 6.30am in the morning. I have been told by my dad that it has been raining the entire night. Still I venture out of home at my usual time for office at 7am. On normal days, it takes around 2 hours for me to reach office in Gurgaon from my home in Ghaziabad. On abnormal days :), the hours just continues...

So, 10th Sep 2009 turns out to be one such days when the hours taken to reach office just continues. Luckily for me, I got my crochet needle, woolen thread in my bag and I started crocheting while we were stranded and stuck in never ending trafic jams. The roads of delhi looks like rivers, actually wild river-water flowing out and in everywhere..

After struggling for 3 hours in delhi roads, we finally reach the millenium city, Gurgaon-where the area near our office looks like an Island. Our cab, being a small car almost stop once on a waterlogged stretch in Udyog Vihar. My heart stop for a while at that moment thinking about the nightmare of walking through that dirty looking water. Lucky again, our cab got started again and we finally reach another office building of our company(Plot 314). From there we took company ferry cabs as they are bigger cars and we left our cab there. From plot 314, it usually takes about 5 mins to reach my office(Plot 17), but on this day-it took us almost 2 hours to reach Plot 17.

All and all, a very tiresome and horrible experience of travelling through delhi NCR roads.
But one good thing I did was that I finish the bodice of my Hello Kitty doll in Amigurumi art during that time spend in the cab. I made the frock on 12th Sep 2009 and gave her the finishing touch. So here is her pic..

And today I have become chachi more girly in the family..I am thrilled and excited ...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Improving Madhubani

Working and learning Madhubani art is quite addictive. I love the loud/ bright colours of this painting with simple childlike designs.
In reality, I am a person who likes only sober colour. Frankly, it gives me shivers whenever I think of donning bright colour clothes. But I am surely in love and immensely attracted to this form of art.
Another secret of my admiration for this art is that, I can draw human figures in any damn way, without caring whether the eyes, lips or nose is correct and proportionate. Actually my human figure diagrams are awful.
So, to improve my learning in this art form, I have added a human figure in this painting.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Madhubani Painting - I guess!

Its been something about 6 years since I first set my eyes on Madhubani Painting. I came across this type of painting in Delhi Haat and I was amaze at the beauty of this kind of painting with such simple designs. I keep planning to buy one big painting for my own collection, but due to its rate I keep postponing till today. Then, I started planning to paint one such huge painting seen in Delhi Haat. Unfortunately I couldn't find out any teachers nearby who teaches madhubani style of painting. So, I kinda kept my idea of painting madhubani at the back of mind. Since about 2 months , the idea of painitng madhubani again kept resurfacing in my mind. I have started searching the web for any tutorial on madhubani painting but couldn't find one.
I have studied some of the images of madhubani found on the web. So, I am trying to put some of my ideas into creating a madhubani painting. I have created couple of them, they are not big size and also I am not sure whether all my designs are pure madhubani or not. But, I am liking it.:)
I am uploading the images before it goes into colour filling.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Amigurumi Mermaid

Mermaid, Crochet,Doll,Amigurumi,Handmade Doll, Crochet Pattern
This is not a complete pattern but I have covered the tail, hands and head. If anyone is interested

Pattern for Tail(Make 2):
1. Magic ring of 3 sc(3)
2. 2sc, sc in 2 st(4)
3. sc, 2sc, sc in 2 st(5)
4. sc in 2st, 2sc, sc in 2st(6)
5. sc in 3st, 2sc, sc in 2st (7)
6. sc in 4st, 2sc, sc in 2st(8)
7. sc in 4st, 2sc, sc in 3st (9)
8. sc in 5st, 2sc, sc in 3st(10)
9. sc in 5st, 2sc, sc in 4st(11)
10. sc in 6st, 2sc, sc in 4st(12)
11. sc2tog, sc in 10(11)
12. sc2tog, sc in 3st, sc2tog, sc in 4st (9)
13. sc2tog, sc in 2st, sc2tog, sc in 3st(7)
Join both pieces...

Hand pattern(Make 2):
1. Magic ring of 3sc(3)
2. 2sc in each st(6)
3. (2sc, sc)x3 times(9)
4-5. 9sc
6. sc2tog, sc in 7st(8)
7. sc2tog, sc in 6st(7)
8. sc2tog, sc in 5st(6)
9-18. 6sc
fasten off.

Head Pattern:
1.Magic ring of 6sc(6)
2. sc in each sc(12)
3. (sc, 2sc) x 6 times(18)
4. (sc, 2sc, sc) x 6 times (24)
5. (sc, sc, 2sc, sc) x 6 times (30)
6. (sc, 2sc, sc in 4 st) x 6 times (42)
7-12. 42 sc
13. (sc, sc, sc2tog, sc) x 6 times (30)
14.(sc, sc2tog, sc) x 6 times (24)
15. (sc, sc2tog) x 6 times(18)
16. sc2tog x 6 times (12)
17. sc2tog till closed.
Fasten off

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Amigurumi- Dolphin

I have been searching free patterns for Dolphins on the web. Didn't come across anything. So. I started crocheting as by now I have fair idea about the increase and decrease. I haven't written the pattern in detail, but defintely note down few.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I kind of like fish a lot. So, I am a
I tried this fish from the free patterns available at the blog below. She has really really amazing stuff in her blog. I wish I could crochet as beautiful as her. I have learned crochet when I was in school, but never made anything out of that. Actually when I started reading patterns, it blew my head away. But once, I got a hang of what its written, its quite simple. he he.


I came across the daisy, oswald amigurumi toys, unfortunately there was no free pattern available. And for an amateur like me, its very difficult to create the pattern.
Smartly, I have searched the web for a flower pattern and fortunately came across a beautiful pattern. So, I took inspirationa from this pattern. Except I made the pistil bigger as I need to have eyes, nose and lips for Daisy. She has quite amazing free patterns.
Legs, body and hands are just imagined and kept crocheting. The end result is good. Without a pattern, I must say..I am happy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I came across this free pattern Ninja and instantly started working as I am sure Pratham will love to have a ninja in his collection. As I have started crocheting recently, so very limited colours of wool. I will go this weekend to buy lotsa of wool.
The inspiration came from the site,
I have to join crafster now..:)

Monday, February 9, 2009

My first amigurumi Doll...!

I made this doll but I am not too happy as the cuteness is missing. I will try again with a smaller hook and thread. Probably that may help..
I think..I am just not good with it photography, painting, toys ..I remember, even during my childhood, whenever I made dolls..they never came out cute..They looked just like me..ha ha..
That is the reason why I love painting scenaries, flowers. That is the reason why I love clicking scenes and flowers again. And that is the reason why I love making animals rather than dolls..too Bad..
anyways..always room for improvement.
This pattern is again from Lionbrand site


My fourth project in a span of about 10 days, hmmmm...I am happy with myself. :) After about couple of more projects, I should be able to design my own patterns. Till now, I have been working on the free patterns available on Web.

My Bunny, which is loved the most and so far the best finished amigurumi. Here is a pic.
This pattern is again from Lionbrand site..:)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Amigurumi- Elephant

I am just loving this new found art, I must say....Japanese arts are addictive. I have come across this art recently about a week ago and here I am with my third project...:) . Internet has lots of freebies for amigurumi and I am surely going to try each and every pattern.
As I have a son, I tend to make more boys stuff then girls..however girls choice are always more adorable. The moment I have started making this tiny elephant, my son is been checking my progress...enthusiasm..I must say!!. This is a free pattern I came across in lionbrand site under crochet free patterns..

Finally, a pic for you ...:)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Amigurumi- Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting small animals or toys. The dolls are done in single crochet in the round. The rounds are never joined, instead being worked in a spiral. Amigurumi are made up of parts that are crocheted, stuffed, and sewn together. The parts are usually an over-sized round head, a cylindrical body, arms and legs, ears, tail (if needed) and embellishments. Sometimes, felt is used to create the ears, face, or nose. Felt can also make some pretty cute embellishments.

I have just starting this art of making toys by crocheting, my first project was the tortoise..I am now making a gollo mollo..I don't know what it is and how its going to turn out. I have made a body, a tail, 2 ears and 2 hands and a tummy...
I think..I have used a smaller hook and thats the reason its looking a little stiff..anyways..learning on the way. I still have to find eyes and cotton to stuff. After the final touchover..I will upload the pic soon...Keep waiting..
I am not going to upload the pic. The finish product is gifted before I realiase I still have to click a pic to share here...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crochet Tortoise..

Browse through the net..and you will come across so many beautiful toys made by crocheting. Ths weekend I couldn't stop myself from trying my hand at making one. One such pattern I came across is the tortoise pattern..its very simple and looks lovely..if anybody wants the pattern, pls let me know..i will happily share the link..:-).
The end result for a first timer is good..:) and Pratham just loves to play and whenever he show this tortoise.. he hides the head....he he..Will try different colours...

Leg Warmer- part of winter passion! :-)

I wanted to waer a nice colourful leg warmer when I went for the new year celebration near the mountains. As usual..very much me...:-) I could complete only one peice when we left for the vacation. After coming back from vacation, I didn't even have to time to look at the next leg warmer as there were lots of pending works from birthday celebration...on and on..Finally around mid-jan I could finish the second peice. So here it goes..