Thursday, February 4, 2016

Shell Pattern - Knitting tutorial

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This is an amazing piece of knitting pattern which I came across in Youtube recently and could not take my eyes off. The link to the amazing video is here

I wanted to try my hands on this pattern and managed to learn and knit. Here is the pattern :)

Step 1 : Cast on 28 by using long tail cast on

Step 2 : In this pattern, we start with Purl all and all the remaining wrong sides, we will purl

Step 3 : K5, { YO, K3TOGtbl, YO, K7}x2, YO, K2TOGtbl, K1 (the picture below shows how to do K2TOGtbl)

Step 5 : {K3, SSK(front), YO, K3, YO, SSK(back)}x2, K3, SSK(front), YO, K3
Step 7 : K2 {SSK(front), YO,K5,YO,SSK(back),K1}x2, SSK(front), YO, K4
Step 9 : K1, SSK(front) {YO,K7,YO, K3TOGtbl}x2, YO,K5
The pattern should look like the image below at this stage

Step 11 : at this step we will make the shell pattern -
K3, YO,  K2TOGtbl {K1, long loop stitch eight times, K1, SSK(front), YO, K3, YO,SSK(back)}x2 - this is full shell pattern and for the remaining, we will make half shell pattern, K2
( You can also follow the next images for the shell pattern)


After repeating the previous stitch on all the holes, you will get the pattern below
move all the long loop stitch to the back needle
my image below is not clear. you have to knit 9 stitch together
This completes all the long loop stitches we have to do for this pattern and from here continue with the pattern
After completing  step 11, the pattern should look like the image below
Step 13 : K4 {YO, K2TOGtbl, K1, SSK(front), YO, K5}x2, YO, K2TOGtbl, K2
Step 15 : same as Step 3
Step 17 : K2, Half Shell pattern, SSK(back) {YO,K3,YO,K2TOGtbl, [K1, shell pattern], K1, SSK(front}x2, YO, K3
Step 19 : K2, SSK(front) {YO, K5,YO,K2TOGtbl, K1, SSK(front)}x2, Yo, K4
Step 21 : K1, SSK(front) {K7, YO, K3TOGtbl}x2, YO, K5
Step 23 : same as Step 11
Step 25 : same as Step 13
Step 27 : same as Step 3
Now the pattern should look like this


sunny808 said...

This is a beautiful stitch. I'd have to practice for a while to get it. Thanks for the tutorial

Dolly laishram said...

Thanks Sunny for dropping by