Monday, February 22, 2016

Cast on Styles _ knitting

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I am trying to compile some of the best tutorials for the cast on styles. Please feel free to suggest if you have any favourites

1. 2 Color Cast on (LTCO)
- Two Color Cast On     

- Two Color Italian Cast On

2. 3 Color Cast on (Braided)
- Three Color Cast On

3. Alternating long-tail Cast on
- Alternating Long Tail Cast On

4. Cable Cast on
- Cable Cast On
- Cable Cast On

5. Old Norwegian Cast On
- Old Norwegian Cast On

6. Chain Cast on
- Chain Cast On
- Chain Cast On

7. Alternate Cable Cast on
- Alternate Cable Cast On /

8. Backward Loop Cast on
- Backward Loop Cast On

9. Channel Island Cast on
- Channel Island Cast On

10. Chinese Waitress Cast on
- Chinese Waitress Cast On

11. Double Start Cast on
- Double Start Cast On

12. Emily Ocker's Circular/ Magic Circle Cast On
- Magic Circle Cast On

13. Garter Tab Cast On
- Garter Tab Cast On

14. Crochet Provisional Cast On
- Crochet Provisional Cast On

15. Figure Eight Cast On
- Figure Eight Cast On

16. I-Cord Cast On
- I-Cord Cast On

17. Invisible Circular Cast On
- Invisible Circular Cast On

18. Italian Tubular Cast On
- Italian Tubular Cast On

19. Knitted Cast On
- Knitted Cast On

20. Long Tail Cast On
- Long Tail Cast On

20. Italian Tubular Cast On, 2x2 Rib - I couldn't find a image only tutorial. Hence, a video here
- Italian Tubular Cast On

20. Judy's Magic Cast On
- Judy's Magic Cast On

21. Estonian Lace Cast On
- Estonian Lace Cast On

22. Moebius Cast On
- Moebius Cast On

23. Picot Hemmed Edge Cast On
- Picot Hemmed Edge Cast On

24. Tillybuddy's Cast On

25. Twined Cast On

26. Turkish Cast On

27. Slipknot Cast On

28. Picot Cast On


Darlene Scott said...

Love having everything in one spot!

Dolly laishram said...

Thanks Darlene Scott. I will try to have everything required to know on casting soon on this page :)