Sunday, July 12, 2009

Madhubani Painting - I guess!

Its been something about 6 years since I first set my eyes on Madhubani Painting. I came across this type of painting in Delhi Haat and I was amaze at the beauty of this kind of painting with such simple designs. I keep planning to buy one big painting for my own collection, but due to its rate I keep postponing till today. Then, I started planning to paint one such huge painting seen in Delhi Haat. Unfortunately I couldn't find out any teachers nearby who teaches madhubani style of painting. So, I kinda kept my idea of painting madhubani at the back of mind. Since about 2 months , the idea of painitng madhubani again kept resurfacing in my mind. I have started searching the web for any tutorial on madhubani painting but couldn't find one.
I have studied some of the images of madhubani found on the web. So, I am trying to put some of my ideas into creating a madhubani painting. I have created couple of them, they are not big size and also I am not sure whether all my designs are pure madhubani or not. But, I am liking it.:)
I am uploading the images before it goes into colour filling.


Anonymous said...

We are looking for an artist who is extrmely good in Madhubani Paintings. This is for a branding project. In case you are interested, please contact me at the no. given below.

Amitesh Roy

Anonymous said...

you and you designs are awesome man....

Anonymous said...

i hv acctually won a state compitition after practicing ur paintings thnx a lot...!!!