Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello Kitty-Amigurumi

10th Sep 2009, A very Happy day indeed.:)
When I got up in the morning and was getting ready to leave for office around 6.30am in the morning. I have been told by my dad that it has been raining the entire night. Still I venture out of home at my usual time for office at 7am. On normal days, it takes around 2 hours for me to reach office in Gurgaon from my home in Ghaziabad. On abnormal days :), the hours just continues...

So, 10th Sep 2009 turns out to be one such days when the hours taken to reach office just continues. Luckily for me, I got my crochet needle, woolen thread in my bag and I started crocheting while we were stranded and stuck in never ending trafic jams. The roads of delhi looks like rivers, actually wild river-water flowing out and in everywhere..

After struggling for 3 hours in delhi roads, we finally reach the millenium city, Gurgaon-where the area near our office looks like an Island. Our cab, being a small car almost stop once on a waterlogged stretch in Udyog Vihar. My heart stop for a while at that moment thinking about the nightmare of walking through that dirty looking water. Lucky again, our cab got started again and we finally reach another office building of our company(Plot 314). From there we took company ferry cabs as they are bigger cars and we left our cab there. From plot 314, it usually takes about 5 mins to reach my office(Plot 17), but on this day-it took us almost 2 hours to reach Plot 17.

All and all, a very tiresome and horrible experience of travelling through delhi NCR roads.
But one good thing I did was that I finish the bodice of my Hello Kitty doll in Amigurumi art during that time spend in the cab. I made the frock on 12th Sep 2009 and gave her the finishing touch. So here is her pic..

And today I have become chachi more girly in the family..I am thrilled and excited ...

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