Saturday, September 12, 2009

Manipuri Doll-Amigurumi way

I am fascinated with anything and everything manipuri...:) because I am an all out meitei who loves to eat ngari, hawaijar,
I may not eat red meat, chicken, poultry products but am a born fishitarian. I love to look at fishes and eat them too. But some of the fishes from discovery channel/ national geographic/ Animal planet looks creepy and I can't imagine myself eating those. So, what I mean is that I love eating white fishes (fresh water ones) and specialy the ones we get in manipur from fisheries.
And I love the manipuri wedding dress and the manipuri dolls. I never failed to pick manipuri dolls on every festival. During festive seasons, I use to go to market with my mom and she would always buy manipuri dolls for me. I still remember how I used to enjoy playing with them for hours and hours.

I have tried long time back in 2003 to make a manipuri doll the typical manipuri way but it turns out horrible.:(
This time, I tried amigurumi way. Initially I started writing down the pattern but latern on I got to lazy to write .so, just keep crocheting and the final product is this

I still have to buy her an enaphi.


Monica said...

Hi, I love this doll, she's beautiful. Congratulations! Is it possible to have the part of pattern you wrote? Or the part to do the white decorations on the skirt? I'd like to do a doll like this for my mom. Thank you! :-)
My email is xmcarter @ (without the spaces).

DMECI said...

Yup, that's cute! If you are interested, you can look for other cuties at

Anonymous said...

Yeah you are right DMECI, I've checked and that's pretty cool looking dolls of Manipur. One interesting thing is that IB DOLLS is run by a group of women folk from Manipur under one very old lady who is a national awardee.