Sunday, August 31, 2008

Smocking Embroidery

I have been yearning to learn smocking for a long time. However it keeps seeping out of my mind for no particular reason.Finally in the last week of August, I started browing net to find self help tutorials in smocking. There are quite a few articles and tutorials on the smocking embroidery designs, but for pleating- people use pleating machines. I am not sure whether we get pleating machines in India, so I browse the internet more for manual pleating. Luckily I found couple of guides in Manual pleating.
When I started pleating at home during the weekend, I got confused whether I need to use an elastic thread or any normal thread. This confusion is because after the pleating, there was no elasticity in my fabric, however I have seen smocking gives elasticity in the fabric. Whenever we are lost..what do we do...Google dadu....he he. So, I login again and start my search..I wonder how we use to learn before google dadu's birth..Anyways finally I came across an article which says that we can used any normal thread for pleating, the elasticity of the fabric is due to the embroidery pattern on the pleats..after we make designs on the pleats, we need to cut the threads holding the pleats..damn easy..
I have done my first smocking and will uplaod the design asap..


Anbu's Diarios said...

Hi dolly
You are right. Iam the post commander at Maibam Lokpaching. Its good to hear that u are from Phoijing and it falls under my responsibility. As a matter of fact, i keep going to Phoijing and Utlou regularly. I will surely pen my experiences in Manipur. Afterall, i am drinking into the culture here. Having a good time here basically, leaving apart the mundane and dangerous tasks associated with my profession. I also look forward to make the most our of my three years in this beautiful place.


PS : You seem very interested in embroidery and arts. Also, the recipe on Idli and sambar will be useful, taking the fact that i am a south indian by birth. :-)

Anbu's Diarios said...

Well, Its not the same with all. Also, counter insurgency is all about winning the hearts and minds of the people. And yes, i will get in touch with ur brother. But u must remember to give a word of introduction to him. Where exactly is your house? There is a community hall, with some PLA inscription on the wall saying down with indian occupation. Also there is this Phoijing Awang Youth Club nearby, the secretary of which is a chap preparing for the civil services. There is a bus stop where there is a kind of tea/snack stall just on tiddim road and a small bylane going towards the community hall. Where exactly is ur place?

BTW I have visited ur profile on orkut, and my profile name is extreme ways are back again. i will send u a friend request.