Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fabric painting- sari for my mom in law

Currently working my hand on fabric painting. Actually my first painting on a sari, which I want to gift to my sweet mommy in law. This sari specially is brought by my very dear fren Mandvi Purohit from Kota. Hope the design and idea comes out well...

22-Aug-08, second day of my project:
My hand is moving faster now as I am accustomed to the design now. Sadly while I was deeply engrossed and painting on the sari, pratham had already tried his hand on my design which I had created on the paper. He came to me proudly saying, mama..look..isn't this good. :-) I kind of froze for a moment thinking I have to design all over again. Anyways its always nice to be part of whatever I do.

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