Monday, November 10, 2008

Knitting - Winter Passion

I used to love knitting for my dolls. My mom is a very good knitter, but now she doesn't knit much due to age and eyesight problem.
Every year during winter, I try my hand at knitting at least few tiny goodies. Whenever I plan to work on a full size project, it stretched to at least couple of winters...:)
This winter of 2008, my passion is back with a bang. I have already done 2 half sweaters for Pratham (will upload the pic soon). Planning to work on one more half sweater for my best fren's son "Yojit" before I shift to Ghaziabad..Lets see..
I have asked Pratham to pose for me with the sweater to upload on my blog. He did pose but after lots of pampering as he wasn't in a mood to get himslf clicked. Anyways, here are the pics..

The entire sweater is made in K1P1 pattern. I liked the finished product. :) .

This sweater is made out from the left over wools from the last season. I almost finish this one in a day. Pratham like this one better than the previous one due to the V neck design. I like the polo neck look of the sweater but he feels irritated of the wool around the neck. So, from now on..I have make only V or a round neck designs..
I am halfway through yojit's sweater..I will be able to upload the pics by monday..

I could finally finish yojit's half sweater..its not come as out as nice as I expected due to time constraint..:)


Kokil said...

Knitting has been one of your creative passions, the designs are really good, I have tried many times as whenever i used to see my mom's creation, I used to feel like can I also make this...i have tried but always did so many mistakes then my mom used to say "rehne de, chod de, u just do studies" which demotivated me like anything...then i also stopped thinking that i can ever do this any more in my life...

I have always brought with this mindset that if you do all these cretive activities like knitting, painting, cooking and all many creative things then you won't be able to study.....But when I met you 4.5 yrs back, you have always inspired me most with your intelligence, attitude, creativity and of course smartness...I observed that u were good in whatever you made me think one can do many things with studies also...this was the first time i never jealoused of someone rather i always got positive vibrations from your side which always made me to think if you can do why can't I....i am telling you dolly i will definitely try to do whatever I really feel like to do...that's what i have always learnt from you...people think that you had over powered me in many ways...but i know and u also know you never...thanks for being there always unconditionally.
love u and will always miss your presence when you will shift to G'bad...

jaat boy said...

Great art are awesome i.e. Knitting as well as photography...
really good.
keep it up.

vicky sirohi