Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter passion continues !!

After longing to give more time on my hobbies for years..finally this december, after choosing from work to home option and thanks to the management of Peoplestrong management team, I could find time for my hobbies as after work I don't feel guilty of not spending time with my son.

I have just bought woollen yarns of different colours to try my hand in crochet and knitting. And I have made then into woollen balls, the way my mom used to make. This is one great way to make as the balls doesn't roll when u keep knitting. I can easily keep this woollen ball in one place and nicely and easily the strand will keep coming out..woow..isn't it. here is a pic

We used to have a machine at home in manipur which makes woollen balls like these. My mom got the idea of how manually also we can create from that machine.

The tip which is poking out from the ball is the one where we will start. I am uploading one more pic which will show exactly how it nicely comes out from the ball.
I have started knitting socks with this wool. I have never in my life knitted socks as knitting with 4/5 pins looks scary..haha..
But now I want to at least try my hand. I am half way through with the first pair. I am worried this might not turn out good...lets see...

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